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Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

“AJOP plays a critical role in uniting the outreach movement. Bringing together passionate B’nei Torah to learn and get chizuk charges our internal battery. It inspires me personally to set greater goals for myself for the coming year.”

Rabbi Shlomo Porter Etz Chaim Baltimore

“I love AJOP Conventions. The reason I come back is because I need inspiration and fresh ideas to continue to do the Avodas Hashem of kiruv. Shmoozing with old and new chaverim who work with great excitement and dedication, gives me new kochos. Learning new approaches lets me be in touch with the changes in American Jewry and how we need to adjust our message to reach more yidden. Learning from Gedolei Torah keeps me straight in my derech in kiruv. I’m excited about coming this year.”

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein Ner Le’Elef

“AJOP is my annual opportunity to get together with leading mekarvim. We catch up, we bond, we discuss new ideas and we get inspired. It is a fantastic, productive way to spend two days.”

Scenes from last year's AJOP Convention